Meet Our Experts

Founded by Tony Dinkins in 1994, Unlimited Events & Marketing, INC., has built its reputation as a valuable partner to our clients by helping them obtain their goals and objectives.
Our CEO Tony Dinkins, Project Director, Mari Campbell along with a number of key field managers and front line associates we’ve helped our clients with numerous projects covering a wide range of consumer experiences and program management.

Tony Dinkins

Tony Dinkins laid the foundation for Unlimited Events & Marketing Inc., in 1994, with an aim to help businesses expand through Special Event Management and Marketing. Before starting the company, Tony sold advertising space in General Market ( New York Daily News) and Ethnic Publications (Jet Magazine, Mentor Magazine), as well as Outdoor Billboard Advertising (Suburban Outdoor Advertising). Tony has developed unlimited resources, and as a result, he has earned the reputation for getting the job done.
His “can do” attitude has opened doors to opportunities such as managing domestic and in-country programs targeting diverse international market segments. These segments include the English, Spanish, French-speaking Caribbean, Latin American communities, and developing regions that target emerging ethnic groups such as the Philippines, Vietnamese, Chinese, African Nationals, Middle Eastern, and South Asian. In addition, he also holds expertise in targeting Domestic consumers of African, Caribbean, and Hispanic descent as well as general market consumers. To date, Tony has executed over 1,000 event marketing programs and counting …
Academically, Tony has a B.S. in business and M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY. He is also a member of IEG and a contributor to the Event Marketer Magazine. Tony’s work in the community includes being a Board Member of the Rockland County, NY YMCA, active with coaching and mentoring a number of up and coming entrepreneurs. He is also active with his local fraternity Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., XI Lambda Lambda Chapter in Rockland County, NY.
Because of our many successful efforts, Unlimited Events and Marketing, Inc. is a well-respected event marketing agency. In addition, a certified minority business by the NYNJ Purchasing Council.

Mari Elizabeth Campbell

Project Director
For the past six years with Unlimited Events & Marketing, Mari has been the project director for Colgate, Palmolive, Bright Smiles, and Bright Futures. Her readiness to embrace challenges has made it possible for the company to grow and contribute to the success of our clients.
As an art major and graduate of Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada, she has brought numerous creative ideas to the company and has made several significant events for our clients successful.
Her role as the Project Director encompasses direct communication with the clients to assess their needs and vision and organizing events from the beginning to the end. From brainstorming new ideas, selecting and training staff, jotting travel details, shipping equipment, and generating expense and budget reports to the final execution, she always remains on her toes to get the job done perfectly.
She has brought to this company loyalty from the roots of her existence and has passed this onto the staff that works for us with training and education specific to a particular program. Being an extremely organized leader, she has helped implement processes to expand our company while benefitting our staff.